What might be possible if you could align what you do, with who you truly are?

You will discover the magic happens, when you learn to drop away from your busy head and feel at home in your body…when you become completely grounded. Through a variety of powerful practices and support, I will help you activate your feminine essence, understand your own boundaries and explore your wonderful imperfections.
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Activate Your Feminine® is for you if:

  • You know you are opening up into the work you were put on this earth to do
  • You are longing to express who you are in the midst of your busy, demanding life
  • You want deeper, more intimate relationships
  • You have great ideas that are different to what you’re doing now in your business or work and you need some help to bring it into being
  • You feel a bit out there on your own

How you can work with me:

Current Programs

Discover the Activate Your Feminine® program that’s right for you.


Art of Feminine Presence® 10 week series, small group.

Private Coaching

One hour, one-on-one sessions. Month by month mentoring available.


When a woman slows down to meet her inner self, she finds a joy, intimacy and communion that may have been eluding her for a very long time.

How often do you as a woman honour your need to rest, to receive, to be totally alone?

How often as a woman do you allow yourself to be something other than a partner, a business woman, a mother, a carer, a daughter, a sister?

These things do define you, shape you and move you towards being a fuller version of yourself but without allowing yourself to be just you…feminine, beautiful, passive, active, gritty, ugly, unkind and the multitude of other qualities we all are…are you shutting down so much of yourself that you forget who you really are?

After millennia of being silenced, and silencing ourselves, believing that it isn’t ok to be us in all our aspects…the funky feminine, the passionate, the outspoken the healer, the wise and wrinkly old woman, the single or childless woman…

Are you so busy presenting a face to the world that you think is acceptable, that you drain away who you are underneath and forget the real you?

Is it time in your life to slow down, find your own rhythm and step into your bigger picture?

If so join us at a nearby Activate Your Feminine® classes, retreat, group session or one on one individual session with me.