3 Steps to Taking a Step…Even if you Feel Scared.

“There is power in you. Use it wisely. When you step into your life with courage, life opens up new opportunities and magical possibilities.”

– Louise Geary

My oldest son is non verbal. I have learnt so much from him about slowing down, listening, being calm and speaking. I still have much to learn.

When my son was younger, he and I used a form of facilitated communication and he would tell me he could see feelings and that they looked like colours…well it must have been pretty psychedelic in our house some days! We were grief stricken, exhausted, angry, stressed, sleep deprived and disempowered. You name it, we were it. We bounced from one argument or stressor to the next, totally reactive, with very little capacity to think calmly, clearly or compassionately. We weren’t in our bodies or in the present moment very often.

If you go right into feeling your emotions, without being in your body, it takes over, there’s no ending it and it can be damaging. Like electricity, your emotions need to be earthed. If you practice dropping into your body while feeling the emotion, you can relax, feel more open and okay with your feelings. When this happens the violence of them disperses.

What we did have, buried deep down in the mess, was love and that kept us going in the difficult times, willing to make change, to support each other and to make a loving home for ourselves and for our children.

About 5 years ago, I got to a point where I felt so unhappy, tired, physically unwell and broken that I knew I needed to change. I got up one morning and had an epiphany at the sink. I knew I didn’t want to go on in the same way. I knew I wanted to get well, to live well and to create a loving space for my kids to grow up in. So I decided to take a step, the first step. I started by drinking water because that was all I could do at the time and I knew that it would help.

As I got well, I began reading, exercising, studying and found therapists to help me along the way.

I have now been teaching Art of Feminine Presence for 3 years and I continue to run classes and workshops because the bring about such powerful healing and positive change in the lives of the people with whom I work. It helps me to deepen my personal practice too. I do individual coaching with women and offer professional development for carers, allied health professionals, lawyers, financial advisors – anyone who wants to maintain emotional integrity and authentic connection with clients who are physically or emotionally distressed.

I take one step at a time and with each step there is another leap into the unknown. I just keep going because I love what I do. I love seeing people start to recognise that they are amazing, to recognise that they are ready to be fully here in their lives, right now and to love life – even with their mistakes, the things they don’t like about themselves and the things they still don’t know.

And as I take each new step, another range of options, choices and steps open up.
And those steps are scary but I keep taking them because I know that I’m really living my life now. I know I’m alive. The fear is an indication that I’m creating new opportunities and magical possibilities.

So that’s what I do. I work with people to give them hope in a busy world, where they can feel overwhelmed and inadequate and afraid. I work with people who are ready to take the next step, I help them recognise that they are good enough. I help them see all of themselves and love all of themselves including the bits they don’t like or want to acknowledge,

The work is often about healing the pain, earthing the emotion, around a client thinking they can’t make it, they’re not strong enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, knowledgeable enough. The real joy in this is that moment when a person recognises that they are enough right now. That they have something amazing to offer the world. That might not be as a Mother Theresa. Not everyone wants to be a world leader. It might come in gentle ways by changing personal relationships, working with love and presence in the job they’re doing now.

You never know the influence you might have. One sentence or kind act for a stranger could be the beginning step that leads them to creating a loving and kind life for themselves and for the world.

Identify ONE area of your life where you feel stuck or in pain or bored, either physically, emotionally or spiritually.

A gift for you. I have attached a very short, guided meditation on calming, slowing down and listening to your intuition.

STEP 2. Listen to the recording.

So you can hear your intuitive voice and recognise what your next step is.

Take that Step.

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