About me, Louise Geary

Who am I and what is my reason for being here

I think it’s paramount that we are fully here in our bodies and that we bring the spiritual into our everyday lives through our bodies.

Taking off on spiritual flight is fun but without the bridge back to the life we lead, the visions and dreams lose power and effectiveness. For these amazing experiences to have any effect on our everyday lives, they need to be anchored into our bodies. This is partly what I mean by Activating Your Feminine: There are many different ways – processes, rituals and discoveries that build strength and spiritual depth in our bodies and our lives, bringing meaning to the mundane.

There are simple and effective practices that you can all learn…and practice to help you reconnect to who you really are and to feel safe sharing that with the world. When you do this you are fully seen and heard, you connect deeply, you build life affirming and nourishing relationships and you find joy in being alive and being you.

I know this because I had to find this myself

For many years I was disconnected from my own core and I didn’t know…And then I had children. My oldest son was born injured. This brought all of my own stuff to the fore. He needed a lot of therapy and full care. I was stressed, anxious, depleted, overwhelmed, grieving. As a carer, I found it hard to get out and meet people. I found I wasn’t communicating with my husband or my kids.

We rolled from one up or down moment to the next and reacted with anger and frustration, from a place of lack…


  • I didn’t feel beautiful or attractive.
  • I felt very flat and uninteresting on a feminine and sexual level and I couldn’t get my business off the ground.
  • I was unwell.

One day, I had an epiphany at the sink.

I couldn’t keep living like this.

I wanted to live and enjoy being alive.

I wanted to be there, really be there not just go through the motions of living.

I wanted deep intimacy in my relationship again.

I wanted to know my children and enjoy being with them and model how to love being alive.

This was a gift: to be able to focus on what I wanted not what I didn’t want. This is something we can practice.

That’s when I decided to make a change, one step at a time. I started by drinking water because that was all I could manage. The choice to do something was what turned me around.

Then as I felt a little better, I started meditating and looking for some guidance. I found Art of Feminine Presence which is one of the things that I practice and teach now and I learnt the foundational practice. It’s about being fully in your body, connecting to your feminine energy (for most women) and when I did this practice for the first time, I could feel a static energy, noisy, shaky, burring away – all around me and I was in this calm still, powerful, joyful place inside me…I realised that that’s where I had been for most of my life: In that busy energy around my body.

It did change my life…but of course change comes slowly and with persistence and practice and intention. It didn’t come in a big whammo and everything has been all rosy and amazing ever since. That’s not what being human really is. We have ups and downs, we have a whole spectrum of qualities and feelings and stories and experiences. Bringing the full spectrum into the light, the pain and the grief and the joy and the laughter are what rounds us out and make us more fully human.

When we decide to embrace all of ourselves, the divine within and the shadowed parts of ourselves, we open up to a multidimensional experience of the wonder and joy of the feminine, our bodies, our creative power, our immense capacity to heal and contribute to the world.

Imagine what would be possible in our world if we all activated our own divine brilliance and recognised that in every one else. What would your world be like if you practiced this everyday?