Activate: 8 Week Program

of guidance and coaching to create powerful and positive change in your business, relationships and finances
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Who are you and what do you want in life?

Get real about this, explore what it is you really want and make it happen.

Sometimes we are so busy rushing, getting stuff done, trying to fit in to being what we think others expect or need, we crush our life force and ignore the parts of ourselves we don’t want to be or don’t want others to see. This stop us in our tracks from being truly us, from knowing what we want and from creating life our way.

Let’s get real, explore what we want and make it happen!

A quick look:

  • This is an 8 week program.
  • It offers practical and applicable training, coaching, accountability and support.
  • It is open to four participants only. This means that each participant gets individual coaching on each group call.

Each participant receives:

  • One, 1 hour private session in week 3 or 4. (Zoom or in person).
  • Four, 1&1/2 hour group Zoom sessions of training, discussion and coaching. One per fortnight.
  • One, 1hour Zoom or phone call in the last week.
  • Private Facebook group to discuss or ask more questions and to connect more with the other women in the group. There will also be additional material uploaded in PDF here at times and some Facebook live.
  • Unlimited Email with me.


  • $750 or 3 payments of $250
Discover what’s possible when you get your foundations in place and become stronger and more centred in your body, so you’re not reacting to life but instead consciously flowing with it.

The time is now…for you to get really clear with your boundaries (and lets call it…who doesn’t need that!), explore your wonderful imperfections and dig deep into the heart of you…

New beginnings, the bigger picture, work and soul aligned.

Many women shut down on their own amazing self, their core essence. This essence, your feminine, sexual energy is the divine spark within every woman. The feminine energy has been subdued and hidden away for many reasons. Many feel they need to be more masculine to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to work and business.

“Live life with a sense of awe.”

– Louise Geary

On retreat, you will be given practical tools and time to:

• Unlock the ancient wisdom and knowledge that is held deep within you

• Gain the confidence to show up as your authentic self

• Speak up about issues that are close to your heart

• Let go of relationships that are not nurturing you anymore

• Be held in a safe, nourishing space to grow, to be raw, to be vulnerable and to heal

• Bring this change home with you and create grounded, joyful, dynamic relationships in business, work and play

• And have fun!

Activate Your Feminine® is a bridge between your divine core self (that is resident deep within your body) and the material world. If you attend this retreat, be prepared to meet your own amazing, feminine self and for the transformation that comes back with you, into your everyday life…after the retreat.

How it Works:

  • Arrive: Saturday, 3rd of March at 9am
  • This will give you time to settle in to your room, have a cuppa and meet the other women.
  • First session starts at 10am on Saturday, 3rd of March.
  • There will be one session both mornings, one or two sessions each afternoon and one session after dinner on Saturday evening.
  • After lunch there will be a long break, so that you can enjoy the property, rest or process in your particular way.
  • For the evening meal, there will be a long(but not so long as lunch) break.  And again this is to allow time to settle in to the work…or let it settle into you, before returning for the evening session.
  • Sunday morning meditation is available before breakfast. This is optional…for the sleepyheads.
  • A short breakfast before the last session.
  • Last session ends at 10am on Sunday, 4th of March
  • Depart by 11am on Sunday, so that you can miss the Sunday rush back to the city and arrive home, peaceful and awake. (And we have time to clean up)
  • All meals including morning tea and afternoon tea provided. Healthy, scrumptious food and plenty of it. You’ll be needing the sustenance! Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options will be available.
  • Cost: Ranges from $447 to $597 (Payment plans are available on request)

What’s included?

  • 1 x 1/2 hour Private Activate Session with Louise Geary prior to the retreat.
  • 1 day and 1 night accommodation at the retreat, in beautiful Maleny
  • Deliciously fresh, healthy food during retreat.
  • 1 x 1/2 hour Private Activate Session after the retreat
  • 1 hour online group session after the retreat
  • Change, abundance and fun.
  • Participants remain clothed – you won’t be looking at your ‘yoni’ in the mirror!

To take this journey inwards into your own depths, amazing strength and creative source, requires courage and persistence. Most of all it requires the willingness to take that first step.


The following room options are available.

  • Two Queen private rooms
  • One small single room
  • A bed in the 5 bed share room
  • The bunk room

Payment options vary depending on room choice. If you’re on a budget the last three options allow for a reduction in the cost of the retreat.

Your Retreat Venue: Sweetwater Cottage

You’ll be retreating to a beautiful home, set on 40 acres of gorgeous bushland, near Maleny. There are places to gather together and plenty of space for you to have some time alone to reflect, connect with ‘you’ and even plan your way forward. There are bush walking tracks and a waterfall on the property and many serene, soul nourishing areas around the house to just sit and take in the tranquil surroundings.

Your Retreat Facilitators

Louise Geary

I am an experienced facilitator, speaker and trainer. I am a teacher of Art of Feminine Presence® and the creator of Activate Your Feminine® group and individual retreats. As a speaker, facilitator and coach, I utilise powerful practices and support to help women activate their feminine essence, understand their own boundaries and explore their wonderful imperfections.

I runs classes, workshops and work privately with women who are ready to step up in their business and personal lives and lead with their authentic selves.

Through powerful and effective practices and awareness around your personal blocks, I create individual, “tailored for you” programs to help you recognise your self worth, build presence, confidence and genuine connections so that you can create nourishing personal relationships and draw clients and business to you instead of pushing to be seen and heard.

I am a wife and mother of two children, the first of whom was born injured. This has led me to walk a path of self discovery and empowerment – to help my son function in a world that imposes way too many stigmas on disability. I am committed to helping both my sons live life to their highest potential, while they utilise every opportunity and grow up in a loving household.

Sharlene Emanuel

Sharlene is an intuitive and creative cook. Her food is an experience in itself and one not to be missed. She will be providing us with delicious and nourishing meals throughout our stay, as well as her beautiful, embracing, loving energy.

Sharlene is a multi-talented woman. She is passionate about inclusion and embracing diversity. She is an accomplished cook, business woman, facilitator, trainer and public speaker and is currently managing the Brisbane Sensitivity Unit .

The Unit is a place of education for children and adults. Through a hands on experience of what it’s like to have a disability, participants gain awareness, develop understanding and become champions of inclusion for all people.

Sharlene has created programs for pre-service teachers, nurses, carers, police, teacher aides and professional development programs for any workplace that wants to create a compassionate and inclusive environment for their staff and clients.

When you recognise the value of being truly, deeply, vividly you there are so many possibilities and opportunities available. This retreat is a way to evoke more creativity, more clarity, more space and more joy when you are in a time of change.


Since attending your workshop, things have changed… like, big time.

After your workshop I made a commitment to myself to follow the practices you’d taught me and also to do something creative that feeds my soul.  I’ve always been artistic, so I decided to paint even though I hadn’t done it since high school.  Fast forward to 18 months later and I now have a part time income selling my own paintings -it’s brought so much joy into my life and it’s profitable.  When I decided to do your course, I didn’t know just how much would unfold in my life because of it and I certainly didn’t expect to fulfill a secret little dream I had tucked away in my heart since childhood.  You are a really special teacher.  There’s a lot of “femininity stuff” out there but I am yet to meet another teacher that is so attuned to each woman’s individual experience and making sure they “get it”.  You really loved me through the process.


Not only that Louise! On impulse I joined up for a really, really challenging devotional erotic dance class. Without the foundation you’ve given me I don’t think it would be possible to complete the course. It’s been very confronting. In fact, I’ve wished you were in the room to help everyone “home” quite a few times. I’m really quite in awe of you xx - Sofi Douglas

If you’re ready to join the “Activate Your Feminine” retreat now find out more by filling in this form here and I will contact you.

Contact Louise(me) as quick as you can, to have a conversation about what’s happening for you right now and if Activate Your Feminine® overnight retreat is for you. I would love to meet you. If you are drawn to this work, I know we’ll have a great conversation.

Mobile: 0423 968 112